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Buying a home is probably the largest financial transaction of your life. In the past, you relied on the listing agent to help you find a home. With the emphasis on consumer protection, most consumer advocates recommend that home buyers seek professional representation by an exclusive buyer's agent who legally represents only the buyer.

Does the listing agent care about the buyer?
The listing agent is legally required to get the best price and terms for the seller of a property. When you go to an open house for a property, the agent works for the seller! When you call on an ad for a property, the person answering the phone works for the seller! If you're buying a home, shouldn't you be represented by your own agent?

Is a "Dual Agent" working for the buyer?    
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Does a "Designated Agent" care 100% about the buyer?        View cartoon
Any real estate agent can call themselves a "buyer's agent". Even if they list homes!
In some states, agents become "dual agents", trying to represent the best interests of both the buyer and the seller. No one is adequately represented in that situation.
Some states allow "designated agency", in which a real estate company can have an "designated buyer's agent" and a "designated seller's agent" working in the same office. A wise buyer might worry about possible conflict of interests in that situation.

What is the smart way to buy a home?
The only way to assure yourself of having complete, 100% loyalty from the real estate agent helping you buy your home, is to make certain your agent is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent working with an office that NEVER takes listings of homes for sale.
Read the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics adhered to by members of the
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.